Young C. Jang, Ph.D.

Educational Experience:

Harvard University (Postdoc), University of Texas (Ph.D.), University of Florida (M.S.), Korea University (B.S.)

Research Interests:

Stem Cell Biology and Aging


Dr. Jang’s lab uses multi-disciplinary approaches to study muscle stem cell biology and develops bioactive stem cell delivery vehicles for use in regenerative medicine. Dr. Jang’s lab studies both basic aspects of muscle stem cell biology, especially systemic/metabolic regulations of stem cell and stem cell niche, as well as more translational aspects of muscle stem cell and mesenchymal stem cell for use in therapeutic approaches for musculoskeletal aging, neuromuscular diseases, and traumatic injuries.

  1. Metabolic regulation of stem cell function

  2. Systemic regulation of muscle homeostasis

  3. Engineering muscle stem cell niche for regenerative medicine

Our Team
Nan Hee Lee, Ph.D.

Post Doc/Lab Manager

School of Biological Sciences


Woojin Han, Ph.D.

Post Doc

Co-advised by Dr. Andres Garcia

School of Mechanical Engineering


Shannon Anderson, B.S.

Cell and Tissue Engineering Trainee 

Co-advised by Dr. Nick Willett

Department of Biomedical Engineering


Mahir Mohiuddin, B.S.

Graduate Research Assistant 

Department of Biomedical Engineering 


Jennifer (Jeong Moon) Choi, M.S.

Graduate Research Assistant

School of Biological Sciences


Utku Ergun, B.S.

Master's Student

School of Biological Sciences


Tsvetomira Peykova

Undergraduate Student

Biology Major

Berna Aliya

Undergraduate Student

Neuroscience Major

Skylar Vander Laan

Undergraduate Student

Biomedical Engineering Major

Lab Alumni
Eun Jung Shin, M.S.
Dylan Lee, M.S.
Natalia Aristizabal
Shadi Ashtarolnakhai
Aditya Devarakonda
Aimee Gerold
Kareen Goddard
Samah Hisamuddin
Brad Homza
Do Young Kim
Brandon Krupczack
Austin Moon
Thanh Nguyen
Juanita Pardo 
Priyasha Pareek
Eric Seo
Vunya Srinivasa
Thu Tran